Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia

Green H2 Project Overview

The Project has a design production capacity of 5,500 metric tons per year of green hydrogen or 35,000 metric tons per year of green ammonia. Owned lands ready for construction for a total 220ha expansion up to 400ha) that will host up to 140 MW green energy installed capacity, 35 MW of electrolyzers & 02 FullCells 3 MW.

The development of the project was undertaken to meet the rapidly growing Green H2 demand in Brazil, targeting off-grid areas and many hard-to-abate carbon industries.

Market Overview

Rising Demand: The global demand for green hydrogen and green ammonia is on the rise, driven by the urgent need to decarbonize various sectors, as Agribusiness, Oil & Gas, Mining & Steel industrial processes.

Competitive Advantage

Unique Market Positioning: This project stands out due to its unique positioning in Brazil’s green energy market. The combination of green hydrogen and green ammonia production in a single facility ensures diversification and maximizes revenue streams. The produced green ammonia can cater to
the growing demand in the agricultural sector, as well as serve as a valuable energy carrier and feedstock for industries.

Licenses & Permits – Status

  • Lands secured *Capacity for expansion

  • Permits Ready-To-Install

Project Overview

Financial Projections:

Based on extensive market research and financial analysis, we anticipate a robust financial performance for the project. The strong demand for green hydrogen and green ammonia, combined with the favorable market conditions in Brazil, is expected to drive revenue growth and deliver attractive eturns on investment.

USD 208 Million unlocks:

  • Year 1 EBITDA USD 46.5 M
  • 20 Year NPV USD 78 M
  • Year 5 Exit Value USD 400 M
  • Associated IRR 28%