Green Datacenter

Market Overview

Data usage in Brazil is growing exponentially from seismic data processing to crypto mining. Such activities are currently powered by carbon sources, which are expensive and leave a massive footprint

Demand for seismic data in brazil: Research in areas such as medicine, meteorology, geology, geophysics, physics and oil and gas increasingly calls for the use of high performance computers HPCs) capable of processing the scale of big data involved.

Demand for crypto mining: Globally, crypto mining already accounts for 100 TWH per year, and is growing at a rate of 28% per year. In 2021, crypto mining grew 40% in Brazil, creating growth of 19.5% of electricity theft in São Paulo.

Target Markets

Companies in O&G, Energy (hydroelectric), Mining, Fintech and crypto-mining that need Green Data Centers

Competitive Advantage

  • Annual Sales of approximately $4M with 80%+ EBITDA margin starting in Year 1.
  • Fast payback (4 years).

Licenses & Permits – Status

  • Lands secured *Capacity for expansion
  • Permits Ready-To-Install

Project Overview

Production and consumption cycles

Target production volume: 10,250 MW per annum Each Server uses 5.3 KW/h = 9,750 MW per annum Excess capacity used to mine Bitcoin (Each Server is Generating 0.0013 Bitcoins per Day)

Sunset Green Datacenter

  • IRR: Estimated 26%
  • All licenses ready-to-install
  • Construction Timeline: 06 up to 08 months
  • Operation: Estimated May 2024
  • Solar powered, 10 MW capacity
  • 1 stand-alone container unit = 210 servers (requires 5MW)

USD 15 Million unlocks:

  • Year 1 EBITDA USD 3.56 M
  • Year 5 Exit Value USD 27 M up to 36M
  • Associated IRR 26