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Complete Bond Plataform Solution

We Are State-of-Art Blue & Green Bond Platform

Revolutionize the green finance market with our cutting-edge solution utilizing innovative technologies and strategic partnerships.

Our solution addresses the inefficiencies and complexities of issuing blue/green bonds, increases transparency, and disrupts the traditional dominance of financial institutions and corporations in the blue/green bond market, making it more attractive to institutional investors.

Introduction to Green and Blue Bonds

Capital markets assume a crucial role in directing investments toward sustainability, with sustainable finance, exemplified by instruments like green and blue bonds, serving as a primary driver in mobilizing capital for environmentally friendly projects.

Blue bonds are financial instruments focused on financing projects that contribute to ocean sustainability. These projects may include marine conservation, sustainable fisheries, or initiatives aimed at combating ocean pollution. Blue bonds offer investors a unique avenue to support the health and preservation of ocean ecosystems.

Green bonds are financial instruments specifically designed to fund projects with environmental benefits. These projects span renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, and more. Issuers of green bonds commit to using the raised capital exclusively for environmentally sustainable initiatives, offering investors a transparent and measurable way to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Standardization and Reporting: The lack of standardized frameworks for defining and reporting on green and blue projects poses a challenge for investors seeking clear metrics.
Greenwashing Concerns: Ensuring the legitimacy of environmental claims and preventing “greenwashing” remains a challenge, requiring robust verification mechanisms.
Market Liquidity and Pricing: Issues such as limited secondary market liquidity and pricing opacity impact the attractiveness of green and blue bonds for investors.


Growing Investor Demand: Increasing awareness of environmental issues is driving strong investor demand for sustainable products, creating a significant market opportunity.
Innovation in Financial Products: The potential for innovation in financial products, including sustainability-linked bonds and transition bonds, expands the toolkit for sustainable finance.
Regulatory Support: Favorable regulatory environments, such as tax incentives and financing terms for sustainable projects, can accelerate the adoption of green and blue bonds.
Global Standards and Certifications: The development of global standards and certifications, coupled with enhanced reporting practices, can instill greater confidence in investors and facilitate market growth.

Tokenization of Blue & Green Bonds

Join Sunset Capital in revolutionizing the blue & green bonds market.

Tackle greenwashing and transform the carbon credit market with our modern, value-driven solutions.

Unique opportunity to invest directly in profitable sustainable projects, making a real impact on the future of our planet while earning a return on your investment.

Join us and be part of the global sustainable movement.

We are committed to introducing an innovative blockchain solution for green finance in a segment dominated by big corporations and traditional financial institutions.

Designed according to the stringent legal framework and compliance standards set by Switzerland. Invest with confidence, knowing that your are in line with the highest regulations.

Understand how our plataforn works, and how you can invest.

Boosting Market Demand

Blue Bond & Green Bond have risen to be the mainstream sustainable finance instrument in the market. Since the first green bond was issued in 2007, the market has grown exponentially with a cumulative issuance of $1.6 trillion. In 2021, green bond issuance grew by 75%, surpassing $500 billion. Invest in the future of our planet and capitalize on this rapidly growing market with Blue and Green Bonds

Total Addressable Market

  • Cumulative Green Bond Issuance Worldwide 1,6tn USD

  • Europe Leading Region for Green Bond Issuance
  • Leading Country for Green Bond Issuance United States
  • Green Bonds Issued in Europe 265bn USD
  • Green Bonds Issued in United States 82bn USD
  • Green Bonds Issued in China 68bn USD

Over the last decade, green bonds issuance has increased exponentially, reaching a value of over500 billion U.S dollars worldwide in 2021 alone and
becoming a key instrument to hedge climate change.

Annual issuance could hit $1 trillion in 2023, according to the Climate Bonds Initiative.

Introducing Sunset Capital’s State-of-the-Art Blockchain Platform Unlocking the Future of green finance

  • Tokenization of Blue and Green Bonds: Sunset Capital’s blockchain platform uses tokenization to represent sustainable investments in a digital form, making it easier to track and manage.
  • Compliance with Swiss legal framework and regulation by FINMA, giving investors peace of mind.
  • Huge potential to democratize the green finance market and catalyze innovations in the climate change finance sector: The platform has the potential to transform the green finance market, democratizing investment opportunities and driving innovation.
  • Significantly different from traditional models and a game-changer in the Blue and Green Bond market: Sunset Capital’s platform is a game-changer in the Blue and Green Bond market, offering a new structure that delivers certified and verified carbon credits, tackling greenwashing concerns, and providing real-time tracking of environmental impact.
  • The platform enables digital tracking, delivery, and transfer of sustainable tokens throughout the bond lifecycle, making it easier and more efficient for investors to manage their sustainable investments.

World Wide

Current Green Bonds Projects around the globe

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Genesis Projects -BIS Innovation Hub, Hong Kong

Smart Contract-based Carbon Credits attached to Green Bonds, the Genesis projects, consisting of Genesis 1.0 and Genesis 2.0, aim to demonstrate the green finance market more efficient and effective, through the use ofinnovative technology and public-private partnerships.

Green Bond Project, Spain

First time a Green Bond (debt security) issue was arranged and negotiated on a blockchain platform.

Mar 2018: $20m
Mar 2018: $20m

Syndicated loan for real estate with tokeny & lition

Apr:2019:$100m bond
Apr:2019:$100m bond

As Security token on Ethereum

Sep 2019: $20m
Sep 2019: $20m

Tokenized bond on Ethereum with nirvaura

Oct 2019:
Oct 2019:

Tokenises bonds on EOS that can be purchased with DUSD stablecoin that is pegged to the bond

Dec 20: Tokenises
Dec 20: Tokenises

Shares for public offering

Nov 21:

Partners with SBI Holdings to tokenise interest in a warehouse and offer $6.7M in tokens

Bnp Paribas
Jul 22:

Launches ESG bond on Ethreum

J.P Morgan
Nov 22:

Launch of GS DAP, a digital assets platform to issue, register, settle and store digital assets

Nov 22:

Launches DLT tokenisation Platform

Goldman Sachs
Nov 22:

Launches DLT tokenisation Platform

In just the beginning…

This was just an excerpt of all the institutional players that adopted blockchain technology.

Where are you in your journey as an institution?

A Safe way to invest in the future

Discover how to invest in green and blue ponds

  • Compliance with Swiss legal framework and regulation by FINMA
  • Tokenization of Blue and Green Bonds
  • Efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness of investing in specialized sustainable projects
  • Real-time tracking of environmental impact and trading of sustainable tokens on a transparent and regulated crypto market
  • Tackling greenwashing concerns and transforming the carbon credit market with modern, value-driven solutions
  • New blue & green bond structure delivering certified and verified carbon credits
  • Digital tracking, delivery and transfer of sustainable tokens throughout the bond lifecycle
  • Huge potential to democratize the green finance market and catalyze innovations in the climate change finance sector
  • Significantly different from traditional models and a game-changer in the Blue and Green Bond market

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