Sunset Capital is a pioneering green finance technology company focused on unlocking the potential of sustainable investments. As a leader in the tokenization of Blue & Green Bonds, we are committed to leveraging blockchain technology to bridge the gap from traditional, outdated models and embrace modern, value-driven approaches.

Fueling Innovation for Over Two Decades: A Family-Driven Legacy in Specialized Engineering Services for Oil & Gas and Marine & Coastal Excellence.

About our Team

Experienced Leadership Team

Rodrigo Buaiz Boabaid


Environmental Engineer with 20 years in Oil & Gas Industry and Coastal & Marine Engineering Industry Proficiently managed end-to-end development, from concept to construction, of specialized projects. Extensive expertise in diverse contracts and strategic partnerships.

Early mover in the blockchain applications: advise in tokenomics, token utility, distribution, feasibility, and blockchain implementation in the real world.

Master’s Degree in Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Barcelona. Specialization in Innovation and Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School

Miguel J B Neto


Project Director for technology services, dredging, surveying, and geophysical surveys projects including Victory Dredging (Middle East), Coal Company Terminal, Vadinar Ports and Terminals, Mott MacDonald (Mozambique), Acciona Ingenaria (Brazil)

Bathymetric Survey of the Maritime Terminal of Aracruz Celulose S.A, Maritime Terminal of Veracel Celulose SA, Alphaville de Vitória Development (Brazil)

Mechanical Engineer from Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo; Hydrographic Survey and Geophysics from Mosaic Hydro, Canada.


We aim to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, through emerging technologies and more sustainable solutions.

Driving positive change through sustainable investments and fostering environmental stewardship for a greener future.


Transforming Green Finance through a State-of-the-Art Blockchain Platform for Blue & Green Bonds

Our Expertise

Green Finance Innovation: Our dynamic specialized team possesses a deep understanding of sustainable projects, blockchain technology and traditional finance, enabling us to craft revolutionary green finance solutions for global investors.

Blockchain Technology: At the forefront of technological advancements, we harness the transformative power of blockchain to drive secure, transparent, and efficient tokenization processes backed by real assets.

Sustainability Focus: Our core values prioritize specialized sustainable projects that address the pressing environmental challenges we face today, championing initiatives that make a meaningful impact.

Swiss Legal Framework: Our solutions are meticulously crafted in alignment with the esteemed Swiss Legal framework for blockchain, fostering a trust-based relationship with our stakeholders.

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