Blue Carbon & Nature Reserve

Market Overview

Despite a dip in 2022, brace for an exciting ascent in prices over the next years! The global thirst for carbon credits is set to surge an stonishing 30 to 40 times by 2035, turning carbon credits into a rare and precious commodity across all scenarios. As the market blossoms with diversity and
sophistication, both voluntary and regulatory initiatives are diligently working to ensure top-notch projects.

Carbon Pricing 2023 by World Bank Report unveils thrilling trends that paint a vivid picture of soaring coverage and prices. The juggernaut of omentum, especially through ETSs and carbon taxes, is unstoppable. Even in the face of economic turbulence and energy price jolts, governments held their ground and, in some instances, propelled forward with direct carbon pricing policies.

Blue Carbon

Mangroves are recognized as the most productive blue-carbon solution1 and can sequester carbon up to 400% faster than land-based tropical ainforests. By acting as a coastal barrier to cities, mangroves can save an estimated $65 billion a year in storm and flood damages.

One hectare of mangrove creates around $5,800 of value in water and air purification, $3,600 in coastal protection, and $1,000 in recreation and tourism annually.

Competitive Advantage

Amidst a flourishing landscape of rivals in the realm of green investment management, forest tokenization, and the carbon credits arena, none can hold a candle to Sunset Capital’s extraordinary value proposition. Our value proposition stands as unique, a stark departure from the conventional norms of carbon trade exchanges, forest donations, and sustainable fund management. It’s not just about green finance business; it’s about crafting a meaningful impact on society and paving the way for a vibrant, eco-friendly economy.

Project Overview

Sunset Capital has acquired 350 hectares of preserved mangroves in high-risk areas to develop an innovative sustainable nature reserve project. In addition, it has
begun strategic partnerships to develop native forests projects and blue carbon projects in 30,000 hectares to be fully traceable, verified and certified carbon  redits, which will be distributed through in the Nordic Countries, Switzerland & the UK.

Sunset Blue Carbon & Nature reserve

  • 3,500 hectares of Mangroves
  • 500 hectares of Restinga
  • 500 hectares of Wetlands
  • 4,000 hectares of Cerrado Nature Reserve

$ 63M Unlocks the Carbon Credit Opportunity:

  • High Quality CO2 Credit Value in Year 20 $117 Million
  • Park Revenue Target $8.44M in Year 1 up to $10.25M in Year 5.
  • IRR Target 12,89%