We aim to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, through emerging technologies and more sustainable solutions.

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Green Data Center

Green Data Center 02 Green Datacenters Projects Ongoing Total Capacity 10 MW (Solar) & 420 Servers (each Project) Lot size: 100,000 m2 or 10 hectares Zoning: Industrial and Urban Zone…
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Blue Carbon Project

Blue Carbon Project   Blue Carbon and Native Forest Projects (Brazil) – Nature Reserve Park  (Santa Catarina, BR) Strategic partnerships to develop native forests and blue carbon projects in 30,000…
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Biochar Production Facility Projects Preventing  90,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (“tCo2e”)  (each project) To produce approximately 190,000 m3 of Biochar per 30 years (each project) 04 Facilities Phase 01 (*possibility…
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Green Hydrogen Project

Green Hydrogen Project Green Hydrogen Project Ongoing Total Capacity 140 MW (Solar)  35MW Electrolysers Lot size: 2.200.000m2 or 220 hectares on owned land Status: First Phase with Licenses ready-to-install  …
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Green & Blue Bond

Green & Blue Bond Blue & Green Bonds are innovative financial instruments that offer investors the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment while also earning a return…
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