Green Hydrogen Project

Green Hydrogen Project

Green Hydrogen Project

Green Hydrogen Project Ongoing

Total Capacity 140 MW (Solar)  35MW Electrolysers

Lot size: 2.200.000m2 or 220 hectares on owned land

Status: First Phase with Licenses ready-to-install


Brazil has significant potential for the development of a green hydrogen industry, due to a number of factors including:

  1. Abundant renewable energy resources: Brazil has a large amount of available land and abundant solar and wind resources, which can be used to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis.

  2. Growing demand for hydrogen: The demand for hydrogen is expected to grow globally as countries transition to clean energy and decarbonize their economies. Brazil could be well positioned to meet this demand.

  3. Exports potential: Brazil has a large potential to produce green hydrogen, and could become a major exporter of this fuel, opening new business opportunities.