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Engineering-heavy, localized, green-energy experienced and laser focused on market disruption

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Experienced Leadership Team


20 years in Oil & Gas Industry and Coastal & Marine Engineering Industry

Early mover in the blockchain applications: advise in tokenomics, token utility, distribution, feasibility, and blockchain implementation in the real world

Master’s Degree in Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Barcelona. Specialization in Innovation and Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School


Technology Director with international proven  track redords in geophysics & geotechnics services, project management and dredging for Vale Projects in Nacala Mozambique, Coal Company Terminal, Vadinar Ports and Terminals, Mott MacDonald (Mozambique), Norsul sea route (BA, Brazil) and Belmonte Maritime Terminal (BA, Brazil), AccionaIngenaria (São João da Barra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Mechanical Engineer with Technology Specialization on Hydrographic Survey and Geophysics at Mosaic Hydro, Canada.

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Why Invest in Sunset Capital? 

Pressure from investors, demand for transparency by regulators, shareholder activism contribute to organizations promoting a transition to a low-carbon economy. Sunset Capital makes this transition possible.

With decades of experience in engineering, O&G sector and alternative green energy, the current team has a significant advantage towards competitors, current and prospective

Legal framework & green finance blockchain platform in place, positioned in the perfect market with own sustainable portfolio, licenses ready to install and business plan ready for execution.

Prepared to go through the Due Diligence by DNV, BDO, Gold Standard leaders in energy, financial audits and carbon credits certification respectively, and by Maerki Baumann & Co., a traditional Swiss Bank, responsible for the Custody of Digital Assets and funds

Current $350M in Blue Bonds & Green Bonds backed by a diversified sustainable portfolio raise unlocks growth and strategic positions Sunset Capital.